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Virtual Try-On
for Shoes

Add Virtual Try-On technology to your mobile apps and websites for increased product engagement and sales.
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Cross Platform
With our cross-platform compatibility, your footwear try-on experience becomes accessible to customers wherever they are. Seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile or even explore our native app products, ensuring that your immersive brand experiences are present at every touchpoint.

Expand your reach, engage a wider audience, and let your customers find the perfect pair of shoes across all platforms.
Cross Platform
Native SDKs
Our native SDKs for iOS & Android can be integrated to your mobile apps offering a fully native virtual try-on experience.
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Web Solution
Our technology can easily be integrated to your website to enable try-on experiences from every product pages.
Web Solution Vyking
For WeChat
WeChat Mini-Program enable immersive try-on shopping experiences inside your WeChat mini-program.
WeChat Vyking
Real-time customization
Real-time Customization let your customers customize and interact with the final product before making their purchase.
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