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Bring the immersive online experience to any physical location through Vyking's AR mirror, offering convenience, personalization and interactivity.
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Full-body Virtual Try-On Experience
Get the full try-on experience combining both footwear and clothing with Vyking's AR Mirror.

Elevate the in-store shopping experience by enabling customers to try on all the 3D models already deployed on your websites and apps using augmented reality (AR). Witness the convergence of digital and physical worlds as customers explore a virtual showroom right in your store.
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Allow your customers to explore, browse and try-on
your product catalogue at their convenience.
Customer Interface

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At Vyking, we come to work every day because we’re passionate about Augmented Reality and how it's changing the world as we know it. We love the role we get to play in the constantly evolving computer vision landscape and are excited about the next generation of AR applications that will be built using our technology.

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