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Getting 3D content has never been so easy.
We are able to create photo-realistic 3D models at scale.
AI 3D Asset Creation
With computer vision and machine learning at the core of the company, Vyking is able to create 3D models from existing product photography.
3D Model Catalog
Discover one of the largest 3D footwear catalogues with Vyking. Gain access to thousands of brand-vetted VTO-read 3D assets.
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3D Scanning
Vyking offers scalable photogrammetry solutions using cutting-edge technology to create photorealistic digital replicas.

Our mass-scale scanning capabilities ensure the highest level of detail, providing 3D assets with photorealistic textures and optimized file sizes for AR applications.
In-House 3D Studio
At Vyking, our skilled 3D studio specializes in creating stunning assets from scratch. With meticulous craftsmanship, we hand-construct each product, capturing even the finest details and physical features.

We are able to cover all color-variants while maintaining the same base geometry. This approach is recommended if you have one product with many variants or you have a small catalogue of products that you want to digitize.

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About Vyking

At Vyking, we come to work every day because we’re passionate about Augmented Reality and how it's changing the world as we know it. We love the role we get to play in the constantly evolving computer vision landscape and are excited about the next generation of AR applications that will be built using our technology.

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