Computer Vision Engineer

(London, Sutton)

Vyking’s mission is to connect advertisers to audiences through fully augmented and immersive mobile ad experiences. Vyking sits at the intersection of adtech, computer vision and 3D design. 

As a Computer Vision Engineer at Vyking you’ll be working on our ‘Immersive Ads’ project, improving our current systems and employing new computer vision techniques to create innovative and cool immersive ad products.

This is a great opportunity to join the company at an early stage; we are poised for significant growth in 2017 and beyond. Our goal is to create cool immersive ad products, bringing fun and interactive augmented reality experiences to millions of people worldwide.


What you’ll do:

  • Be involved in the design and innovation of new augmented reality products that will revolutionize the mobile ad industry

  • Develop lightweight computer vision algorithms that will enable new augmented reality ad experiences

  • Be involved with the business strategy by highlighting the technical tradeoffs and limitations

  • Evaluate, experiment and test prototypes improving the performance and accuracy of our current products

  • Work closely with the development team to integrate the team’s new computer vision products into production.



What we’re looking for:

  • First and foremost we’re looking for a dedicated, passionate, hardworking individual with the determination and belief that their work will contribute to the disruption and revolution of the mobile ad industry

  • You are pursuing or have recently completed a higher degree (Ph.D.) in a Computer Vision or Machine Learning related field

  • Strong C++ programming skills

  • Previous work experience in face tracking, face recognition, facial landmark or key-point detection

  • Understanding of 2D/3D tracking and reconstruction algorithms (such as SLAM)

  • Knowledge and understanding of convex and global optimisation and optimisation toolboxes (such as ceres-solver)

  • Advanced knowledge and experience in methods for computer vision, pattern recognition/machine learning, object detection, tracking

  • You have an interest in deep learning and have experience and familiarity with Caffe.

The offer:

  • A work environment where you can develop your skills and learn from the best

  • An international team that is highly motivated and fun to be with

  • The opportunity to have a significant impact on the development of our product

  • Chance to join a very promising startup from an early stage

  • Gym membership included

  • You choose the computer – we want you to work on a machine that you work best with

  • Health insurance package

  • Moving into a cool, spacious office (30 min from London) - stocked with free drinks and snacks

  • Very attractive holiday and compensation package.

If interested, please apply with your CV and letter of motivation attached.
Applications without a letter of motivation will not be considered.